ELT MOOC on WiziQ Announces Show-Case Blogging For Professional Development.

“This whole MOOC thing is like a treasure chest with no floor to it…or a fountain that never dries out…or that pot of gold that never runs out of coins….or something like that!! I need a word cooler than AWESOME and bigger than EPIC. “ Ines Hamdi Image credit: Joe Ormonde As you can see […]


Story -Telling Interview with Andre Klein

Here is a wonderful look at story-telling from Andre Klein. This interview was set up as a supplementary backdrop to my upcoming ELT-T MOOC webinar, ‘The psychology of story-telling in ELT’. Please read, enjoy, and answer my post-class question which I’ll post at the end of the article. Image credit: Joe Ormonde Sheosamh “If you […]


Story-telling Interview with Fitch O’Connell

I love it when different aspects of my work come together, and various strands of influence and inspiration meet in one multi-conceptual project. This is what it feels for me to be interviewing Fitch O’Connell as part of my contribution to the English Language Teacher-Training MOOC on WizIQ. My topic is ‘The Psychology OF Story-telling […]


Lessons for St. Patrick’s Day

What is St. Patrick’s Day? St. Patrick’s Day is many things to many people. For me, it’s a chance to share something about Irish culture with my global friends in the context of English lesson plans. I am writing lessons built around Irish literature, music, speeches, and film. See the mindmap below for a brief […]


100 proficiency words in a gangster story

Here is a collaborative story that one of my private students, Lazaros Vasiliou wrote with me in a one-to -one lesson. It was a creative attempt to make sense of unrelated lists of vocabulary items. The main objective has been to help him memorise the words, but the process and result goes much deeper than […]

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