Introduction to writing reports for the IELTs exam

Here is an overview of how to get started writing reports for the IELTS exam. We will look at mindmapping for planning, how to understand and analyse charts and graphs, and, finally, how to put it all together coherently and articulately. Click on the image below to watch the full interactive multi-media presentation and read […]


Analysing Data For IELTS Writing Part One

The IELTS academic writing exam involves analysing data from tables, line graphs, bar charts, process charts and so on. One of the first steps in mastering this part of the writing exam lies in understanding facts and statistics that are represented in diverse visual formats. Once you have trained your eye and mind to understand […]


RSCON Mini-Con Teaser For Memory Enhancement

Not everyone can afford to be in Harrogate, so this is for YOU! Are you coming? It’s FREE and WOW! MINICON April Sunday, April 6th, 2014 Time: 9:30am to 1pm EDT / 14:30 to 18:00 BST / 13:30 to 17:00 UTC For other time zones: Sylvia Guinan, Greece, @ESLBrain I’m presenting at the RSCON Mini-conference […]


Proficiency vocabulary story 2: ‘ The Rebels’

This is part two in my Michigan proficiency vocabulary story series. The stories are written to show specific words in context; words that come from Michigan proficiency exams or practice tests. Of course, the stories are useful for any students at advanced level for all of major international exam situations. Here’s some advice on ‘how’ […]


Vocabulary, story & quiz for Michigan proficiency 1

This is the first in my Michigan proficiency series for vocabulary.The most difficult part of the Michigan proficiency examination is the vocabulary test, which has a lot of difficult, confusing words. We do not always find these words in course books, and students often resort to learning lists off by heart. Even if they are […]

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