Dream Lovers on St. Valentine’s Day

Animation is an exciting way to present language and stories to students. Multi-media content is attractive, fun, engaging and helps students to become more creative and expressive. It can also be used to present specific language functions.

Describing, comparing and socialising.

Dream Lovers on Valentine’s Day. by Sylvia on GoAnimate

Animation Software – Powered by GoAnimate.


Maria is the girl with long, blue hair. What kind of person do you think she is? Can you think of some adjectives to describe her?

Do you think she has a good chance of finding a boyfriend?

Paula is the blonde girl. what kind of person do you think she is. Can you think of adjectives to describe her?

Do you think she has a good chance of finding a boyfriend?


What kind of boy do you like? by Sylvia on GoAnimate

Video Maker – Powered by GoAnimate.


1) Which is more important for you – looks or personality?

2) Do you prefer strong outdoor types or quiet, sensitive types, both or neither?

3) What are the three most important qualities someone must have for you to be attracted to them?

4) Which girl do you agree with? Why?


Boy talk by Sylvia on GoAnimate

Animated Presentations – Powered by GoAnimate.


Which boy do you think would suit Paula?

Which boy would suit Maria?

What kinds of problems could happen with a boy like ‘Brad’?

Can you think of any problems there might be with a boy like Tim?

Do you agree or disagree with their opinions about girls? Which boy do you most agree with? Which boy would be the most attractive in real life?


Make your own video animes!!

1) Make a video of the boy/girl characters that you think should be together. They are on a first date. Imagine their conversation based on their personalities.

2)Think of someone you really fancy and would love to go out with.
Create a video of your imaginary date showing what kind of conversation you imagine having.

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Sylvia is is an online teacher & writer with a background in English Literature, history and education. She is also an award winning blogger featured by The British Council, online teacher, official blogger for WiziQ, professional development organiser, and passionate researcher into creative learning via Educational Technology @Eslbrain. She is currently focusing on ELT publishing and children’s publishing. Her personal projects for 2014 include writing ELT books through story-telling, comics, poetry, and social and emotional learning, while continually creating and sharing brain-friendly learning materials and ideas online. Her other main interests are art, writing, poetry, and psychology, which which help her to create fun quality time with her children and add colour to her language lessons. When she's not teaching online, she's writing course books, blogging or running her English language Facebook groups.
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