Digital Publications

Featuring Peachey Publications, which has opened up a whole new world of creativity and technology to teachers everywhere. The sooner we start building up our Edtech libraries, the better. Simple, practical, creative ways to bring technology into the classroom and make you more creative in the process.

by Nik Peachey

Digital Video:

This is a 400 page multimedia manual for language teachers to help them build activities, courses and engaging materials for their students. From exploiting mobile apps on handheld devices to building video into blended and task based learning, Digital Video covers it all.

10 Lessons in Digital Literacy:

by Nik Peachey

This e-book (76 pages) contains a collection of ten lesson plans. Each plan is based around an authentic infographic from the internet. The lessons progress through a range of tasks that engage student’s interest.

by Nik Peachey

Studying how to study:

In this lesson students will learn about some of the factors that influence successful study. They will evaluate their existing study skills in the light of information from an infographic and do some online research into effective study techniques.

A World without Magnets:

by Nik Peachey

This lesson is based on an infographic about magnets. The infographics contains a range of facts and statistics as well as some information about magnets and how they are used and why they are so important.