I’ve been teaching young learners for fifteen years. I also have four bilingual children.

I love capturing the imaginations of children and enabling them to express themselves creatively. A student-centred approach where they speak English from beginners level, creates confidence and a strong route to fluency.

Asking questions demo: Past simple.

Asking questions (past simple)
by: silvers

Phrasal verb comic strip:

Young learners respond to colourful visuals that demonstrate the context of language. They get very tired of black and white print & monotonous exercises.

They also like making their own videos and comic strips. The best way for young learners to remember is to ‘do it themselves’, and it’s a lot of fun.

Multi-media project work makes young learners feel enthusiastic. It increases creativity and promotes confidence and independence.

Comics and videos can be used to teach all skills – reading, writing,vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking……

Games are also very important for young learners. They enhance memory, instill language concepts and awaken a love of learning.

Games and multi-media can enhance any course your child needs.