Assia Yahyaoui from Tunisa and Aicha Nezzar from Algeria are two of the most prolific ESL poetesses I know on facebook.

Assia studied computer programming and developed her love of poetry by communicating in English and experimenting with language and friends online.


Sea and forest! Oh! I would like to run
Under the light of this bright sun
None could resist this unbelievable fun
Dancing with the stillness of the wind, it does not stun
And watching the drop of the sea as a water gun
Yearn to catch someone who tries to shun!


Alone in this world, I feel that I am lost
Seeking the true me, seeking for it at any cost
Sinking into my inner thoughts very deeply
I am gathering something from imagination, my best company.
Am I lost again? Oh yes! I couldn’t find myself, I am sorry…


When I wake up each morning, I look outside
Each day is a blessing, there is no time to rue
Do I have to regret things for which I have cried?
No! It is another day from here I can start, and eschew
Every mistake I have done then sighed
… So now, I am like a new born without any preview
Dreaming and having a child inside
As if I have never done a miscue 😀
Yeah! I shall keep high my own pride :))

Aicha Nezzar is a student of English Literature and national poetry competition winner in Algeria.
Congested all they were
Amassing for one single armchair
Flurry, tumult all dwelled in there
Smashing the whole stratification’s fair,
She knew she has to just stare
For getting in, to her, claims some staunch dare.

Hastily shaken was the world’s blare
Garnered assets? The bell tuned! You’ve to bare!
All gists were thus abruptly quaked in her
And tones sang at once, you’ve got some inward crimson flair
Darling, you are the one meant to be there.

It has been my pleasure to meet English language lovers from all over the world online. There is nothing more meaningful than sharing thoughts, feelings and poems on one’s learning journey through life.

Much talent never sees the light of day when there is no support network or appreciation.

I hope students will take courage from reading these wonderful poems;

Thank you Assia Yahyaoui and Aicha Nezzar.