This mindmap about teaching English with music is far from all-inclusive. But that’s the best thing about mindmapping. You never run out of ideas.

However, for the sake of space and brevity, here’s a taste.

Please click on the image to access a new window where you’ll find a larger map where you can scroll around to examine the details to the sound of Mozart.

Music engages the brain in a way that academics alone cannot. Music is expressive and takes us back to how we learnt our first words or nursery rhymes.

Music can be a poem, a story, or a painting. It encapsulates what’s perfect in other art forms.

For practical purposes songs can demonstrate vocabulary and grammar. In my experience, music always helps with students who don’t like grammar or have trouble memorising verb forms, for example.

Last year I turned to rap/hip-hop for help with tenses.

Watch this video by Jason R Levine who specialises in teaching via music.

We can also create lovely music quizzes for our students. Great for listening practice, vocabulary development, sensory input, memory enhancement, exposure to new sounds and rhythms, focusing on grammar, used for discussion, role play, writing, story-telling or exploring deep issues about life.

Those of you who want to learn English in a fun, memory enhancing way can have perfectly planned multi-media lessons with Sylvia online.