Students can get stuck learning English when they find themselves studying very hard but not improving their fluency. This happens if there is too much emphasis on grammar, reading and vocabulary, and not enough on speaking practice.

Many adults who approach me online, have spent years studying English but are very hesitant to speak and feel very nervous about communicating. Conversation is a very popular option for many students who don’t need to pass exams, but who need English to get on in the world on a daily basis.

I prepare speaking courses that activate passive knowledge, build confidence, and enable smooth communication skills and fluency to develop. This involves building up vocabulary and enhancing the other skills of reading ,listening, writing and grammar.

As well as emphasising speaking via multi-media and brain-friendly materials, I encourage deep, autonomous learning by appealing to higher level thinking skills. I also provide asynchronous support by teaching students how to use internet resources and recording tools.

Last but not least, I incorporate a special social media course (English Out There) into each speaking programme so that students get practice speaking to online language partners.

You are no longer dependent on the presence of native speakers in your local area for fluency development. With your computer, skype, headphones and camera, you can have fun speaking English from your own home.