Many university students and academic professionals approach me for help with their writing. Studying at third level institutes with English as a second language gets very challenging when the need for highly articulate expression becomes paramount.

Whether you need to have research papers accepted by the academic community or you need to brush up on exam skills, I can tailor a course to fit your needs, whatever your discipline.

I do not teach your subject matter, of course, but I help you to get your English to a level accepted by global academia. I can also help you to read difficult texts and increase your academic vocabulary.

You may also need to make presentations in front of professors or faculties, or go on work experience. I can help you with pronunciation, articulation, public speaking & getting on in the work place.

Literature is loved by ESL students all over the world. However, conventional language courses seem to focus on the mechanics of English, whilst glossing over the arts or avoiding them altogether.

This is a waste of potential, as literature and poetry deepen awareness of language in all respects, and get students to access their higher level thinking skills. It also encourages the multi-sensory synthesis necessary for deep learning.

I can tailor courses that integrate literature and the essential skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar.

The beauty of online learning is that you can ‘order’ what you want from your teacher & it will be created just for you.


This is where the banquet of courses on offer get even more interesting. For example,with globalisation and increased vocational training all over the world, English for occupational purposes (EOP) is now in demand.

There is no limit on what any learner’s specific needs might be. Nor are there limits on how I can help you. After an intial consultation via skype and a focused analysis of your needs,I will know exactly what you want.