Edtech For Teachers

Welcome to the teacher’s room. This is our edtech learning space. Work together with multimedi ideas and lessons plans.

This course takes you into the heart of working with technology. Its a hands-on humanistic venture into multi-media, creativity and language learning.

You will learn how various types of multi-meda tools and learning spaces can increase your creativity as a teacher, motivate learners, and facilitate pro-active language learning. You will experiment, create & share your work here.

Learn how to utilise intuitive webtools. Manage learning via blogs, collaborative story boards, mindmaps and multi-media collages. Get lot of ideas for language learning with educational technology. Experience the multiple realities of social learning.



Rediscover your creativity on this Edtech course for teachers.

Sylvia is is an online teacher & writer with a background in English Literature, history and education. She is also an award winning blogger featured by The British Council, online teacher, official blogger for WiziQ, professional development organiser, and passionate researcher into creative learning via Educational Technology @Eslbrain. She is currently focusing on ELT publishing and children’s publishing. Her personal projects for 2014 include writing ELT books through story-telling, comics, poetry, and social and emotional learning, while continually creating and sharing brain-friendly learning materials and ideas online. Her other main interests are art, writing, poetry, and psychology, which which help her to create fun quality time with her children and add colour to her language lessons. When she's not teaching online, she's writing course books, blogging or running her English language Facebook groups.