Author: Sylvia Guinan

Introduction to writing reports for the IELTs exam

Here is an overview of how to get started writing reports for the IELTS exam. We will look at mindmapping for planning, how to understand and analyse charts and graphs, and, finally, how to put it all together coherently and articulately. Click on the image below to watch the full interactive multi-media presentation and read […]


Analysing Data For IELTS Writing Part One

The IELTS academic writing exam involves analysing data from tables, line graphs, bar charts, process charts and so on. One of the first steps in mastering this part of the writing exam lies in understanding facts and statistics that are represented in diverse visual formats. Once you have trained your eye and mind to understand […]


12 Ways To Find & Refine Your Teaching Voice Online

Image based on 6 principles: Chip & Dan Heath: Made to Stick Who are you? As teachers of the digital age we are no longer passive consumers of information. We still have things we want to learn, but most especially, we have things we want to say. In fact, these things are no longer mutually […]


Dear me, myself, and I – letter to my #youngerteacherself

What advice would you give to your younger self? Dear  me, myself and I I’m writing this to you from the future, even though you think you’ll never be a writer. Let me just start by saying that you are lucky enough to have had one of the greatest starts in life – that of […]


How Do We Create Compelling eLearning Design That Supports Learners?

    This article is dedicated to:  #EVO Crafting The eperfect Text For Teachers. Week four challenges us to accomplish missions that take us closer to our publishing goals. Here’s a look at the agenda on the ePerfect textbook Wiki. Here are overviews of collaborative work, inspiration and goals set in the previous three weeks broadcast […]

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